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Hi, I'm Tess

Female / 44 / In a relationship

Sun Sign: Leo
Member Since: 1 Dec 2008
Last Login: 3 Apr 2012
Last Updated: 8 Mar 2009

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About Me

Aloha, I am a 36 yr old Mum of two boys.
I have been 'awake' spiritually for about 7 yrs now, striving to live my chosen life as 'best' I can.
I also love to help people on their own journey through the beautiful, loving and healing Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, which I feel so blessed to give.


Settie Nave
Settie Nave

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 10:38 PM

Hi Tess,
Merry Meet, It's away good to meet people of like mind.
Have a wonderful holiday.
Much Laughter,

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