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Hi, I'm The Journeyman

Male / 63 / Married

Sun Sign: Scorpio
Member Since: 21 Sep 2011
Last Login: 21 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2011

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About Me

Reiki Master Teacher,Visionary,Musician

More About Me

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Occupation: Reiki Master Teacher/Master Plumber

My Philosophy On Life: Just for today I give Thanks and Gratitude for My Many Blessings Just for today I will Not Worry Just for today I will Not Anger Just for today I will Do My Best Just for today I be Kind and Loving to All Humanity and Gods Creations! Nameste! Pay it Forward,

My Interests: Reiki, Spirituality, Paranormal, Music, meeting new people of like mind, walking I'n the Rain, Wadding a Cold Brook, Creek, listening to Nature, Sunrise Meditations

My Inspirations: Mother Teresa, Gandi, Jesus, Bhudda, Albert Eienstien

Music I Love: Tribal Rhythems, Eastern Music, Cajun music, Blues, Southern Rock, Jazz, New Age, Orchestral.

Movies I Love: The Notebook, Pay it Forward, The Soloist, August Rush, Close Encounters, What a Woman Wants, The Notebook, Mr.Poppers Penguins, Ghost Rider.

TV Shows I Love: Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, Parmormal Children, Warehouse13, Alphas.

Books I Love: Four Agreements, Healing With the Angels, The Celestine Prophecy

Places I Love: The Ocean, Gisa, Sedona, Glastonbury, Peru, The Forest I'n Spring and Fall.

Quotes I Love: To Be or Not to Be!
Live Long and Prosper!


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