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Hi, I'm Native Hawaiian Healing


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About Me

Healer Kim Malama Lucien

Kim began helping others realize their gifts and highest potential over 20 years ago as an athletic coach for young children. As a young coach, she focused on her students physical performance and later found that her students excelled when she began inspiring them on a body, mind, and spiritual level. It was this realization that led her to embark on her spiritual path which is to assist others in all areas of their lives.

During college she shifted focus slightly earning a Business Administration degree with specializations in Accounting, Finance and International Business. Combining the healing, spiritual and interpersonal skills she already had, with her business knowledge, she continues to have a successful career by incorporating her healing skills with her business knowledge in the corporate workplace. Her ability to read people, to understand others, create good working relationships and effective conflict resolution substantially contributed to her success in that arena.

Kim has studied multiple healing and personal growth modalities from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to more spiritual energy based healing in which she has trained extensively in the Hawaiian Healing arts. She holds a Master certification in Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing (ARCH), IO (Divine Source) Healing and has been initiated as a Hawaiian Kaula (prophet or seer).

Using all of her knowledge, experience and gifts Kim will connect with your body and spirit, guiding the healing process to enhance your life, help you heal and discover your own gifts and talents.

My Business

I currently have a business listed within Holistic Local. To find out more about my business, click here to view the listing.

More About Me

Location: Murrays Bay, Auckland

Occupation: Healer/Coach/Business Professional


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