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Hi, I'm Nicola

Female / 44 / In a relationship

Sun Sign: Virgo
Member Since: 5 Sep 2010
Last Login: 14 Mar 2011
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2011

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About Me

I've been fascinated with all areas of holistic health for as long as I can remember and work as a therapist. I try to learn new techniques and integrate them into my practise as I want to find the best way to help people overcome their issues as quickly and easily as possible- I'm most interested in the new energy therapies. I'd love to meet more like minded people in the Manchester area to share ideas and information with - so please get in touch if you'd like to meet up!

More About Me

Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

Occupation: Holistic Healer/ Coach

My Philosophy On Life: I'm practical and grounded in my approach to holistic health but also an idealist! I want to believe that human beings can really evolve and create a better world and I think personal development and holistic therapies are a way for us to do that.

My Interests: food, wine, art, Japan, Japanese culture

My Inspirations: Steve Pavlina

Music I Love: Indie, Jazz

Movies I Love: In the Mood for Love, Spirited Away, Audition, Blade Runner, Star Wars

TV Shows I Love: Green Wing, Peep Show, True Blood

Books I Love: Phillip Pullman, Alice in Wonderland, In the Cut, Small IsLAND

Places I Love: Japan


Steve - Massage Therapist
Steve - Massage Therapist

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 4:56 PM

Hi Nicola

Welcome to HL


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