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Hi, I'm Jodi

Female / Single

Member Since: 9 Apr 2008
Last Login: 9 Apr 2008
Last Updated: 9 Apr 2008

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Location: Davie, Florida

My Philosophy On Life: Always follow your heart...Take plenty of time out for meditation, take responsibility for your own inner space, pray, read, give space, eat your fruits n veggies, take your vitamins, connect with nature atleast once a day, live n let live, support one another in ones decisions even if you don't understand ?

My Interests: Art, Dance, Reading, Yoga, Writing, Running, Rollerblading, Tennis, Traveling, Nature, Healthy living

Music I Love: Gypsy Kings, Jack Johnson, Putamayo, Kenny Chesney, Reiki music, Indie bands from England :)

Movies I Love: Baraka, The Notebook, Love Actually, Lost in Translation, The Peaceful Warrior

TV Shows I Love: not since 05

Books I Love: CURRENTLY READING Life After Death by Deepak Chopra, "THE ARTIST'S WAY" BY JULIA CAMERON + The Third Jesus By Deepak Chopra, SIDTHARTHA, TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, THE POWER OF NOW, THE ALCHEMIST, CARRIE PILBY, A NEW EARTH, The Little Prince, The Future of Love, A Tear and a Smile by kahlil Gibrad, The Prophet, The River Piedra, where I sat down and wept by Paulo Coelho, A Simple Path by Mother theresa

Places I Love: ENGLAND!!!!, the counrty side in England, the Pubs in England, the lake district in England...ahhhh!! I love Colombia = food, colors, natural landscaping, people, simplicity., Any where full of nature, great people, healthy foods, and loads of laughter

Quotes I Love: "what will be will be"



Friday, May 23rd, 2008 9:35 AM

Hi I'm new to the site from New Zealand - could I add you as a friend? We have lots in common & as yet I have no friend on Cheers - Cat


Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 7:51 PM

Hi Jodie

Great to meet you here. Lots of your books are my favourites too.

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