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Hi, I'm Ashira

Female / 40 / In a relationship

Sun Sign: Aquarius
Member Since: 8 Apr 2008
Last Login: 24 May 2008
Last Updated: 8 Apr 2008

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More About Me

Location: Whenuapai, Auckland

Occupation: Psychologist

My Philosophy On Life: Be kind and love, use your intuition, and respect all life.

My Interests: Spirituality, Poetry, People, Animals, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Ballroom Dancing, Tramping

My Inspirations: The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Dr Jan Foudraine, Arteshar and Rakesh (my spiritual teachers), Patrizio Buanne, Children

Music I Love: Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Patrizio Buanne, Brook Fraser, Michael Buble, Faith Hill, Enrique, Freshly Ground

Movies I Love: Far And Away, Shakespeare In Love, The Notebook, The Secret

TV Shows I Love: Home Makeover, Super Nanny, Dancing With The Stars

Books I Love: The Alchemist, Many Lives Many Masters, The Secret, New Inscapes

Places I Love: The Coromandel NZ, The Drakensberg Mountains South Africa, The Rocky Mountains Colorado USA, Bollengo Italy, Waitakere Ranges NZ, Kruger National Park South Africa, Rome Italy

Quotes I Love: When you follow what you're passionate about, the whole universe conspires to help you! (Paulo Coelho)
"My religion is simple; my religion is kindness." (The Dalai Lama)
"There is nothing as strong as tenderness, and nothing as tender as true strength." (Saint Francis de Sales)



Friday, May 23rd, 2008 8:45 AM

Your choice of quotes rather ;- )


Friday, May 23rd, 2008 8:44 AM

Love your quotes - I have heard a couple before but forget way too easily!!

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