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Hi, I'm Deborah

60 / Single

Sun Sign: Cancer
Member Since: 16 Feb 2008
Last Login: 17 Feb 2008
Last Updated: 17 Feb 2008

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About Me

Single mom of three, raising them alone, teacher/real estate agent/ artist/ co- owner of business in growing stage....Piano and oil painting are my passions
Attracted to happy positive people...still learning from negative people

More About Me

Location: Forked River, New Jersey

Occupation: Teacher

My Philosophy On Life: Your thoughts create your reality. You are in control of it all. Everything happens for you...not to you.

My Interests: Reading, Metaphysics, Oil Painting, Piano, Learning

My Inspirations: Happy, peaceful people

Music I Love: Classical, Pop Rock

Movies I Love: The Notebook, Ghost, Beaches, Shakespere In Love, A Chorus Line, Miracle on 34th Street, What Dreams May Come, Wizard of Oz, Pay It Forward, Dances With Wolves

TV Shows I Love: American Idol, Jay Leno, House, HGTV

Books I Love: Loving What Is, The Secret, Einsteins Biography, The Four Agreements

Places I Love: Hawaii, Greece, Snow covered mountains, beaches, Being home with my angels

Quotes I Love: To Thine Own Self, Be True


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