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Northern School of Kinesiology in Durham Course

Posted by: Pam Bracken & Clive Hall, Directors

Diploma in Professional Kinesiology

Type: Part-time
Duration: 11 weekends over 1 year

TS21 2ET.
01388 720146

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The Diploma in Professional Kinesiology is the highest award in kinesiology training for non medical practitioners, designed especially for those Kinesiologists working as professionals in the field of complementary medicine. The first and only Kinesiology Diploma course in the UK mapped to the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards published April 2003.

Accredited Course
This course is accredited by Embody (The International Guild of Professional Practitioners).

Pre Requisites:
Students must be over 18 years of age and hold one of the following;
A Northern School of Kinesiology Advanced Practitioner Certificate in Kinesiology
A Foundation Kinesiology Practitioner (FKP) Certificate
Touch for Health (modules 1-4)
An ASK Intermediate Certificate

An Anatomy and Physiology qualification must be held before the final assessment. Any of the following are acceptable; ITEC Level 3, VTCT, BTEC, City and Guilds, CIBTAC, CIDESCO, IIHHT, VAI, Nursing 2000, Nursing Degree.

Guided learning hours:
362 hours and consisting of 11 modules usually held over 11 weekends.

Subjects covered include:
Advanced muscular tests and corrections incl. ICV and HV
Advanced structural tests and corrections incl. TMJ,
Pelvic and Cranial faults and corrections
Advanced Food Sensitivity and Allergies
Anatomy and Physiology with Kinesiology Techniques
Dietary Analysis and Nutrition
Stress Release techniques
Electromagnetics incl. auras and chakras
Heavy Metal Toxicity
5 Element Theory
Pain Relief
Personal Development
Communication Skills
Client Care and Advice
Business Development

Assessment consists of minimum 80 treatments, observation, presentations, theory examination, and an externally assessed practical examination.

Course Fee:
Full details including information on career development loans and payment by installment are available on request. Tel: 01388 720146


Module 1 17th/18th September 2005
Module 2 15th/16th October 2005
Module 3 19th/20th November 2005
Module 4 17th/18th December 2005
Module 5 14th/15th January 2006
Module 6 18th/19th February 2006
Module 7 18th/19th March 2006
Module 8 22nd/23rd April 2006
Module 9 20th/21st May 2006
Module 10 17th/18th June 2006
Module 11 15th/16th July 2006

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