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ITM Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

Posted by: Tracy Gil

Certification as Alexander Technique Teacher

Type: Part-time
Duration: 4 years

Trinity College,
Stoke Hill,
BS9 1JP.
0117 953 8430

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The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change, which can bring about lasting improvements in physical and mental performance. It can be used to enhance a person’s co-ordination and comfort in everyday tasks as well as more specialised activities, such as music, dance or sport.

The ITM Teacher Training Programme is a four year professional training leading to certification as a teacher of the Interactive Teaching Method for teaching the Alexander Technique.

Classes are held on weekends, usually once a month. Towards the end of the course, this will sometimes increase to twice a month.

The ITM Teacher Training Programme is designed to meet the needs of three types of students:

  • People who are interested in improving themselves and their lives but who do not want to teach Alexander’s work.

  • People who want to use self-improvement as a basis for becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

  • People who are already Alexander teachers and who want to supplement their previous training.

    The training course runs from Friday evening to Sunday evening. On Friday evenings (6.30pm – 10pm), there is usually an Alexander Technique Experiential Class. This is a structured series of classes with the aim of applying and discussing the principles and ideas of the Alexander Technique in large and small group settings. In these classes, there is the opportunity to receive personal work on the activities of your choice and pursue issues.

    On Saturdays and Sundays, the Training Course classes run from 9am – 6pm each day.

    For further information or a course prospectus, please contact Tracy Gil, the Training Course Coordinator.


    September 2012

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