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Anna-Cajsa Johansson - Vila Therapies

Anna-Cajsa Johansson, Shrewsbury and London, Shropshire, England, SY1 1RY, Telephone 07826848009

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Available in Covent Garden London and Shrewsbury
Kinesiology, Allergy Testing and Crystal Therapy
Talks and Workshops - please get in touch for details

No two people are the same, we are all so individually different and all have our different ways of dealing with what we face in life. This applies to all levels of our being whether physical, emotional or in a wider spiritual sense as one would not be there without the other and they are never separate.

By using kinesiology as a biofeedback tool through muscle testing in my sessions I'm able to tailor each treatment suit each person's individual needs. This makes the session not only as beneficial as it can be but also very personal as each session is one of a kind.

My belief is that only when looking at all the parts that make the whole can you create a lasting beneficial change and this could also include environment, nutrition, relationships and many more.

My motivation lays in helping to enable a less stressful space for people to be in, where your inner knowing and sense of self is more clear and easier to follow and through that make every day a more rewarding and open experience.

There are always many, many different ways to work with what you are facing or trying to change and my aim is to help do that in the best and most integrated way I can.


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