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12 Hope Road, Deal, Kent, England, CT14 7DF

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Janey Lorimer, 12 Hope Road, Deal, Kent, England, CT14 7DF, Telephone 01304 379840, Mobile 07974 206376

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Are you fed up with wasting your precious time and money on short term diet products and programmes?

Coach4Confidence provides Recipes4Success to women who are serious about re-programming their own mind and body to lose weight, have more energy, and build self esteem and confidence, rather than relying on quick fixes.

Our workshops and monthly success group gives you all the strategies you need to quickly and easily lose your unwanted weight, sleep better, improve your health, and move more with an exercise plan to suit you size and lifestyle.
To find out how your can really make a differnce to your life starting now, visit us at


BA (Hons) Psychology and Social Sciences.
Ad Dip Lifecoach
NLP + Hypnosis Practitioner
TimeLine therapist, EFT, TFT.


Member of the NLP Society and trained by Dr Richard Bandler, John LaValle Paul McKenna and Michael Neil.

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Trained by Dr Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Paul McKenna and Michael Neil.


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