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Core Process Psychotherapist

Bronwen Rees, Thatched Cottage, Wixoe, Stoke-by-Clare, sudbury, Suffolk, England, CO10 8UE, Telephone 01440 788894, Mobile 07809637533

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I have a practice in Cambridge, Haverhill and Hungary. I am the founder of East West Sanctuary, Budapest, Hungary, and also run workshops and training in the UK. I am a UKCP registered therapist, member of the Western Buddhist Order, and also Director of the Centre for Transformative Management Practice, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. I run workshops throughout the world on therapy, astrology, Kum Nye Tibetan yoga contemplative psychotherapy. My vision is bringing together different spiritual traditions and finding a philosophical base for these.

I have an approach to therapy that integrates both the spiritual and the therapeutic, so that people will come in crisis, but also for in-depth personal development.
People who come to workshops find them inspiring and transformative.

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Ph.d in Management Science
MA Core Process Psychotherapy
Graduate Karuna Insitute, Devon
Foundation Training Kum Nye Tibetan yoga
Somatic trauma training


United Kingdom Council of

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