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7 Youldons Close, Harbertonford, Devon, Devon, England, TQ9 7TN

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Tai Chi Nation

TaiChiNation Tai Chi Nation, 7 Youldons Close, Harbertonford, Devon, Devon, England, TQ9 7TN, Telephone 0845 257 2142, Mobile 07717 172 691

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Tai Chi for tricky times

It still feels wonderful for us to welcome you - and we're really excited about what we are offering this year. Tai Chi Nation is a place that brings together all things Tai Chi - a place to discover, learn and develop your interest. In tricky times, like these, this is even more relevant.

This time of year is all about sowing the seeds for the year ahead, so a great time to think about our four special weekend courses in Somerset and Devon. We understand that this year will not be easy, in fact it may well be rocky, to say the least - even more reason to find ways to relax under pressure and take a mental (and physical) holiday.

Many of you may have seen our short film , well we are now near to completing two new DVDs to help you discover and learn more about all things Tai Chi and Qigong. In addition we have also designed some new courses for you, so we can help you begin and develop your Tai Chi (and Qigong) wishes.

Have a look through our site, relax and enjoy...

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Tai Chi Nation
Tai Chi Nation

Sunday, March 18th, 2007 1:50 PM

Excellent website and wonderful holdays and weekends.

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