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Centre For Integral Health, 4 St Austins Friars, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY1 1RY

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Integral Patterning

Ben Calder, Centre For Integral Health, 4 St Austins Friars, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, SY1 1RY, Telephone 07748947131, Mobile 07748947131

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Hello and thank you for showing an interest in Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Vitalised Water Products and the other services I can provide.

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Vitalised Water)

I have for many years had an interest in the natural world and the ability of the body to restore its self naturally to a state of well-being given the right motivation. Ever since I was taught the concept of homeostasis in biology classes it has been a miracle to me that the body can do all of the thousands of amazing biochemical processes it does.
Since I was first introduced to Kinesiology in 1999 I have been increasingly passionate about its applications and potential as being a tool so amazingly capable of creating change and helping to restore balance into the body's BioEnergy System.
Kinesiology taps into this amazing ability we have to creatively change ourselves from one state to another. In my mind no state of the body is immutable, there is always a way to change wherever we are by some amount; we should never give up, because if we can get ourselves out of balance, then equally we should have the capacity to get ourselves back in balance.
Its simple effective methods have inspired me through working with many people with problems simple and extensive. Because we ask each person what they need at a deep level, the body takes the chance to direct its energies, improve its state and become more than it is capable of right now. There have been imbalances that have been told they will never change and others that just need a little guidance and information. The use of Kinesiology allows each individual to find a way forward. Each person knows what they need to do and we help find a way for that to happen.
This passion for the system has led me to train and practice Kinesiology up to advanced levels as well as train in the additional skills of Body BioEnergetics (see Body BioEnergetics) and the causative analysis course 16Ps; Scott Protocol, BioEnergetic Nutrition and Intrusive Energies. To complement and support this I have also done study in Assimilation Kinesiology, Bowen Technique, Geopathic Stress , Allergies, Sekhem (Advanced level), Vibrational Essences, Aroma Therapy and Thermal Auricular Therapy. I also continue my personal learning and experience in nutrition, sacred geometry, shamanism, naturopathy and herbology, colour and sound therapy and homeopathy. I am currently studying advanced level Integral Theory, developed by Ken Wilber, to help expand and develop the concept of integrated health care.

In 2010 I also added Bowen Technique (see Bowen Technique) to the list of qualification I hold and can also offer this soft tissue manipulation technique for any number of postural and movement based issues, with back pain, shoulder and hamstring issues being the very beginning of the physical issues that can be improved with this gentle non-invasive technique.

I have also facilitated a number of training courses and workshops on Kinesiology, Human Ascension and Tree Spirit connection. I am available for small talks and big conferences if required. Whatever you need we will find some way to help.

Each of us is unique; we are capable of far more than we know. Working with a unique person through a unique system can create results of a different level. My motivation and enthusiasm for what I do is fuelled by the results I see and my wish to be a part of more.
Whatever your situation, there is always something that can be done to support changes that will benefit you.
For more information please see the national websites for Kinesiology Federation or The Bowen Technique or feel free to email or phone me, many thanks
Ben G. Calder.

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Health Kinesiology Advanced Practitioner
Core Integral Advanced
NLP Practitioners Diploma
Aromatherapy Diploma
Flower Essences Dipolma
Hopi Ear Candle qualified
Nutrition for Kinesiologists
Geopathic Stress
Assimilation Kinesiology 1+2
Sekhem Healing Advanced
Ascension Reiki


European College Bowen Studies Certified
International Professional Therapists International (IPTI)


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