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Roselyn Watson, Mobile Therapist, but based at, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, S72 8JQ, Telephone 01226 715722


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I provide luxurious tailor-made Holistic Therapies in your own home and can incorporate Reiki and/or Quantum Touch into any of the therapies to enhance and increase the benefit of the treatment.

Reiki is a very gentle but extremely powerful healing treatment which can be used alongside all other treatments and alongside conventional medicine.
It boosts the immune system and eliminates stress and tension. It is non-invasive and safe for everyone.
Treatment is given fully clothed.

Quantum Touch
A revolutionary new energy healing technique which can move bones with a gentle touch. Excellent for pain relief. Can be used with other treatments to good effect. Treatment is given fully-clothed.

I am also trained in a range of massage treatments:

Swedish Massage, a whole body massage to relieve aches and pains and to relieve stress and tension.
It increases the blood flow and lymph drainage, releasing toxins and boosting the immune system.

Stress Massage is based on Swedish massage but concentrates on the back, shoulders, neck, face and head areas, where stress builds up and causes tension.
A perfect antidote to today's fast pace of life.

Aromatherapy Massage is a luxurious whole body massage combined with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils chosen especially for the client.
Excellent for relaxation, revitalising or treating most common ailments.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique for treating the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp.
Treatment is given fully clothed and seated, with or without oils.
It boosts the circulation and immune system and can relieve headaches, nasal congestion and sinus problems.

Hot Stone Massage.
My favourite treatment of all !!
A Luxurious massage using hot, silky smooth basalt stones and therapeutic oils to melt away your stress, aches and pains. One stroke with the stone is equal to six with the hand, giving a deeper massage in a shorter time.
Crystals can be also used to boost the immune system via the Chakras.
Highly recommended. Ideal for sports strains.

Whiplash Injury Treatment.
A specalised Whiplash Injury Treatment used to complement conventional healthcare, which treats the affected areas with therapeutic oils, Quantum Touch and gentle but effective massage.
Treatment can be given seated and semi-clothed as it mainly treats the back and neck areas.
(Cost may be reclaimable if you are the victim of a road traffic accident).

Hawaiian Massage
Luxurious whole body massage which is really more of a total healing experience incorporating Reiki and hot stone massage and scrumptious coconut oils. Mmmmmm!!!

Aromatherapy Parties.
FREE massage or Reiki treatment for all who book an Aromatherapy party. See separate page on this website for more details.

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Reiki Master/Teacher
Quantum Touch Practitioner/Instructor
Aromatherapy, ASET Level 4
Indian Head Massage, ASET level 3
Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
Stress Management, Advanced
Womens Stress, ASET Level 3
Medicinal Herbs


Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists
Member International Natural Healers Association
Member World Wide Reiki Organisation

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Please call for prices - FREE or discounted treatment often available depending on your circumstances.


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