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Macdivitt Marketing

Roger Macdivitt, 2 George Denyer Close, Haslemere, Surrey, England, GU27 2BH, Telephone 01428 661356, Mobile 0777 577 2613

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Macdivitt Marketing intends always to source services, products and resources to assist anybody to work from home in a global marketplace but with an eye and a concience towards ecological efficiency.

  • Why use too much fuel (petrol or diesel) and pollute the atmosphere when you can use a powerpill to drastically reduce consumption AND carbon emissions?

    We also have a great environmental group where you can make money AND help the environment.


    Macdivitt Marketing welcomes any suggestions as to furthering its aims in communications.

    Roger Macdivitt has been involved all of his life in differing areas of communication, from Printing to Telecoms and looks forward to using new energy efficient systems as soon as they appear viable and non-exclusive.

    Additional Information

    Macdivitt Marketing is an International company and ensures the very best distribution of ideas, products and services as is practical.
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