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By Dwayne Crandall, LMT

Massage Therapy helps relieve stress, pain and increases your bodies own natural ability to heal. What have you done to help your body relax and give your hard working muscles the attention they deserve? Your body is designed to heal itself! Alternative health practitioners like Massage Therapists and Chiropractors can often times speed up and increase your chances of recovery by using proven techniques that will increase your body’s own natural ability to heal. Massage and/or Chiropractic are needed to help you feel better, recover faster and have long lasting effects that are natural and drug free.
Massage often reduces stress, relieves pain, releases toxins, breaks up adhesions, increases flexibility, increases the benefits of chiropractic care, reduces fertility problems by increasing blood flow in the abdominal area and reducing stress in both partners, helps premature babies gain weight faster, relieves headaches, relieves sinus problems, reduces sciatica, reduces frozen shoulder, reduces carpal tunnel symptoms, relieves foot pain, sports injuries heal up to 50% faster, and many other conditions related to the soft tissues.
Some of us take better care of our cars than our body! Your body is more important, so get your body on a regular maintenance schedule today with a great massage from someone who cares!

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Article by Dwayne Crandall, LMT
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