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Yoga & Optimal Aging

By Margarida Renzi, MA, RYT


When Social Security was started in 1937 the average life expectancy was 57 yrs. old. We can now anticipate living into our 70's & 80's. These figures have helped to redefine aging.


Longer lifespans re-determine "What/Who is old?" If you can expect to live into your 80's, the lifestyle choices you make in your 40's & 50's will determine your quality of life for the next three to four decades.


Yoga is a proactive holistic approach to health , that you can do to yourself and for yourself. Yoga slows down and reverses the aging process by correcting some of the most visible signs of aging; e.g., the degeneration of the spine which causes your back to round, and your neck to protrude forward, which then compresses your chest, resulting in shallow breathing. This is often referred to as “the old age posture.”

The ramifications of a collapsed chest, and shallow breathing, limit the amount of oxygen your cells receive. This scenario contributes to cardiovascular disease by interfering with blood flow, nerve impulses, and hormonal balance.

These factors can then effect digestion, elimination, and emotional well being. There isn’t any cosmetic type of intervention that can be done for “the old age posture


Many of the exterior signs of aging (poor posture, round shoulders, sunken chest, stiffness, rigidity). have often been present, during youth but became more pronounced with age.

By the time you enter midlife your biological age is just a number. This is the stage of life where the agility, energy, and enthusiasm you exude are the measure of your quality of life. The way you carry yourself, your flexibility, your demeanor, your zest for life, or lack thereof, become the deciding factors of what to expect in your future.

Yoga is not a miracle or quick fix for all that ails you, but it is a time tested proven method that will enhance your quality of life.

Give YOGA a try, "It's A Lifetime Plan."

Margarida Renzi, MA, RYT

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