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Indigo Children: The Color of the Future

By Lorraine Valente

What exactly is an Indigo Child? Are they purple? Not quite. Purple is the color of the Brow or “third-eye” chakra, which is best known for how we relate to the good of all; it’s our clairvoyant ability and our psychic, or fine tuned, awareness. It relates to awareness of and service to others. How apropos to name the current generation of children “Indigo” as they truly are on a higher spiritual path than we, today’s adults. They have incarnated into this lifetime with a more acutely developed third-eye.

This group of children born between 1985-1991 has a large stellium in the sign of Capricorn. In addition, the 1989 to early 1990 group also has Uranus in exact opposition to the planetoid of healing, Chiron. Many of these children also have Neptune conjunct Saturn. With a high incidence of divorce (1989 saw the highest divorce rate in the history of our country), many of these children have suffered losses in the home–the loss of the father, or the absent and illusive or anti-depressant-user father. The psychic and generational imprint of the times will play a significant part in their development of self and search for other forms of structure.

These children were born with a greater intuitive awareness and often display psychic ability. They are acutely aware of their environment from birth. Many are considered to be environmentally sensitive. The air may be too hot or too cold, or they may develop sensitivity to odors and light, as well as certain fabrics, in early years. They question authority and don’t respond to guilt trips. As infants they may feel discomfort or agitation being around too many people. They may have sensitivities to busy places such as shopping malls, and even to large birthday parties–to places that have a mixture of energy. They may not like television or loud music (initially) because of the high-pitched sounds that hurt their ears. In their early years, they may complain “my ears hurt.”

Also note that many of these children live on junk food, as does much of our society. The chemicals, nitrites, hormones, excessive sugar and salt, as well as empty calories, are starving these same children of vital nutrients needed to stay focused in school. They may have more sensitivity to foods, particularly processed foods, where their bodies reject it by having allergic reactions causing behavioral problems, which, unfortunately, go undetected.

Many have what is now being called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD). Even more likely, they are being misdiagnosed with other disorders at increasingly alarming rates. These are not children who have problems. They are children who are moving into an energy system and society that is not adapted to who they are. They are moving into a world where they will be largely responsible for changing and building new structures within. The planet Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is symbolic of structures and methodical planning over time. They already have within them the imprinted energy for building a new world, a new structure that will birth new ideas and constructs and all the forms that will support a new, higher consciousness.

These children don’t seem to have the same kind of emotional and physical needs that our generation had, although physically they are similar. They may not even seem to feel the same way as you do about things. They are frustrated with rituals and ceremonies of all kinds and have a high self worth. They know who they are and don’t need us to teach them this. They are more decisive. They can love and nurture, yet are able to detach in a way indicative of others on a high spiritual path.

Their perception of reality differs from that of our generation. You need to take cues from these children because they “know.” Our current educational system is not set up to effectively deal with these children. How can an educational system that rewards many inept educators, who hold fast to obsolete values and ideas, supply our children with the values and knowledge required to move forward on their intended path?

These children are wired differently than you and I and are emotionally different. They have an acute sensitivity to other’s pain and feeling. They can zero in on it quickly; however, they do not own it in any way nor do they take on another’s pain.

They also may not have the same kind of reactions we do in an emotional sense. Grieving is difficult for them in that they have difficulty expressing what they are feeling. Since part of their life path is one of spiritual detachment, they may need some assistance, from time to time, getting in touch with their own true feelings.

I have found that many of these children have different sleep patterns or rhythms. Their energy levels can be extremely high, literally bouncing off walls. They may not sleep a lot, or perhaps sleep at inconsistent time intervals. They “dry out” easily and need to drink a lot of water. Spinning, twirling, drumming, and knitting assist these children in soothing their highly developed central nervous system to better facilitate their focus and coordination.

These children, overall, tend not to fit into our current society very well. They can be rebels and march to a different beat. They are highly independent and can be our new teachers or leaders. They are very loving and perceptive, seeing right through the masks others wear. They see through the current educational system and their teachers and are often bored, restless in their chairs and can’t sit still. Imagine sitting in a board (read: bored) room listening to your boss who is not quite as smart as you, a boss who doesn’t’ quite get it, day after day. This is what these children experience on an almost daily basis in our current school system. Many of these children need to be schooled in non-traditional ways and even excel in their technical abilities. Many are academically talented and need direction, to be focused in the right direction with love and care, and not ignored in any way.

Many of these children are gifted souls. They are innovators who will herald in a new age, an age of technology and computers, and will build new structures and foundations for our society. These children came into this lifetime with a particular planetary energy. Those born between 1988-89 especially have Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. Uranus is about the future, computers, innovation, electricity and the nervous system. Neptune is inspiration and compassion, and Saturn is about wisdom and structures. Piece this together and we discover a group of innovative children, wise beyond their years, whose nervous systems are wired differently to utilize computers and new technology, who are inspired to build new social structures in our society. The lack of compassion many receive from educators and society – those who do not understand their unique needs and instead drug them into submission – will inspire our Indigo children to become more compassionate toward other misunderstood generations.


Lorraine Valente, Professional Astrologer, Writer
[email protected]
Copyright (c) 2005
FuchsiaStars Guidance
Karmic Astrology: The Soul's Journey

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