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The Awful Truth About Television

Read this little e-book and you will never look at your television set in the same way again. Backed with scientific research, "The Awful Truth About Television" examines the manifold ways in which TV affects your weight, your family relationships, your acedemic achievements,your mental and emotional states, your community, and much more.

Slow Down & Green Up - The Beginners Guide to Downshifting

This great little guide – a Holistic Local collaboration with Downshifting pioneer Tracey Smith – has been given the seal of approval from Carl Honoré, author of the international bestseller 'In Praise of Slow - How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed'. - Written by Tracey Smith.

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Featured Articles

wonderful oils to breathe better and fight cold weather problems
By Mikael Zayat

Let’s Party – Reiki Style!
The future of Reiki?
By Carl Munson

How Bad Is Your Breath? 14 Simple Tips For Reducing Mouth Odor.
Bad breath, morning breath, breath odor or halitosis are all terms used to describe a noticeably unpleasant odor exhaled on the breath. Halitosis is not a problem by itself, but it can cause concerns in our interpersonal relationships. Here are some tips on how to have cleaner, fresher breath naturally…
By Dr. Rita Louise

The Conversation of Recovery - Part Two
The listening for the Conversation of possibilities will be even more unfamiliar than the one about the self-limiting belief. Even though possibilities will be caused for the individual and a sense of hope and inspiration created, there will be a tendency at some point for the person to not belief that their life can be truly transformed merely by creating possibilities. Even when the person gets the existence of his self-limiting belief, how he has been being that in his life and the impact upon himself and others as a result, a sense of doubt will arise that mere words or language will truly assist them in transforming their life let alone cause them to be successful with respect to their recovery.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Get More Out Of Your Day
If you’re the sort of person who plans everything like a military operation you may already be well in control. If you’re not so good at managing your time then here are a few tips to help you improve your planning, get organised and start getting more out of your day.
By Clare Evans

Are You Unconsciously Avoiding Prosperity?
Though everyone wants more prosperity in their lives, sometimes we find clever ways to hide our own prosperity avoidance tactics. We spend time, energy, money and more trying to put prosperity in with the one hand while unconsciously adding scarcity and lack with the other. When you gain the clarity to see your own avoidance tactics, you can stop them cold.
By Robin Harris

Sole' What is it
Sole' What is it? And how do you make it? These questions have been asked to me many many times so I thought I might post them here for everyone to read. So just follow along with me. Everyone knows that salt disolves in water, right? But did you know that if you keep adding salt to the glass of water you will soon get to the point where the water becomes "Super-Salty" or saturated with salt? Did you also know...
By Eaglefeather

Successfully Marketing Massage
In order to create a thriving massage therapy business, you need to utilize a multitude of lead generation strategies. Successful marketing involves presenting who you are in such a manner that people can make an informed choice about utilizing your services. One of the keys to success lies in developing and implementing a multitude of client generating strategies.
By Ariana Vincent, RMT, MTI

What Do I Do This Winter If I Can’t Get a Flu Shot?
Originally published in New Life Health and Wellness, January 2005 If you are in good health with a healthy diet, and take minimal precautions, you are not likely to catch the flu. And if you do get it, you can certainly decrease the severity and length of symptoms by following these tips.
By Susan Mosley

The Leading Edge of Soul Growth
Western philosophy and modern religions have embraced an image of the Source as perfect, while human beings are seen as lacking perfection. For some unknown reason Spirit had a desire to create souls and universes. If Spirit were perfect, it would not have needed to create anything. Life is therefore the manifested evidence of the Source’s desire for evolution. It equals the process of becoming, a metamorphosis of limitations. The notion of perfection within earthly existence is a myth recently
By Katharina Wehrli