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The Awful Truth About Television

Read this little e-book and you will never look at your television set in the same way again. Backed with scientific research, "The Awful Truth About Television" examines the manifold ways in which TV affects your weight, your family relationships, your acedemic achievements,your mental and emotional states, your community, and much more.

Slow Down & Green Up - The Beginners Guide to Downshifting

This great little guide – a Holistic Local collaboration with Downshifting pioneer Tracey Smith – has been given the seal of approval from Carl Honoré, author of the international bestseller 'In Praise of Slow - How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed'. - Written by Tracey Smith.

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Featured Articles

Natural Healing With Glutathione
Could The Key To Health and Longevity Be Available For The Taking? After 25 years of research the answer is Yes!
By Randy S. Grover

The time has come for a new consciousness to arise. The practice of AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT is a means to changing your perspective in a gentle, contemplative way, using movement. Change how you move and you will find negative habits, pain patterns and dysfunctional behavior falling to the wayside...moving into a better world.
By Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP

Being conscious of choices and assumptions is first step toward taking control of your life.
By Kelly Wessel

Hypnosis Relieves Symptoms of Arthritis
This article reviews the benefits of hypnosis as it relieves symptoms of arthritis.
By Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

CNM Graduate: Catherine Nash
Catherine Nash had all the trappings of success – a great job as an IT consultant, a big salary and a classy company car – but she’d never been so unhappy in her life. “I was working very long hours, travelling around the country, grabbing snacks and coffees at motorway service stations,” explains Catherine. “My diet was appalling, I felt very stressed – my health was plagued with bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and thrush.”
By Lynnette Prigmore

Entering the doorway of Presence
There is a condition that most of us are trying to create without really knowing it, a condition that takes us out of tension, confusion, and doubt, a condition that is so common, that there is no time and no place when it is not available to us. The condition I’m referring to is “presence”. And yet, we spend less time being consciously present than any other activity we perform, mentally or physically.
By Jack Blackburn

Family Time: How you can give your family the gift of time this holiday season
What if I told you there was a very simple way you could spend more time with your family starting this holiday season? What if I told you it wouldn't cost you a cent? What if I told you there was a simple way to get up to four extra hours every day with your loved ones?
By Katherine Westphal

4 Simple Steps To End A Panic Attack
4 Simple Steps To End A Panic Attack by Pati McDermott. Stop a panic attack within 3 minutes. Many of my clients have enjoyed great success using this method.
By Pati McDermott, CHT.

Telepathy — Mind to Mind Communication
Telepathy: the ability to communicate without the use of the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste). An instinct that lays dormant in most of us but allows us to tap into our latent abilities in times of emergency or need. But what is this instinct and how is it used?
By Sharon Jacobsen

Magnetize New Paradigms
The energy of Earth and its physical dimension are ever changing at faster and faster rates. The birth of Earth to a whole new level has taken place over the past year. You have gone beyond the understanding of dimensions and moved into the understanding of your holographic being. The holographic being works in magnetic energy. This is the balance of the feminine and masculine energies and moves you back into the greater alignment of the ONE. This of course is from a conscious point of view, as you have never left the ONE.
By Sananda through Marilu Wilson Peña, Ph.D.