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Hi, I'm Brighton Holistics

Male / 45

Sun Sign: Cancer
Member Since: 3 Apr 2007
Last Login: 30 Jul 2012
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2011

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About Me

I was born and raised in Peterborough and moved to London in 1992 where I worked in a very high profile job and the demands that came with it. Eventually this lifestyle took its toll on my health and well-being; an all too familiar story these days.

It was because of this that I decided to give up my life and career in London, and move to Brighton for a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle by the sea, which has always been incredibly calming and energising for me.
Without even realising it, Holistic Health and healing became part of my life as a result of receiving various therapy treatments. Finally, it was after my Reiki ‘attunement’ that my life pathway changed and over the last few years my personal growth has been incredible. This wonderful energy has helped me to develop calmness and stillness and has helped me to recognise compassion for other people’s needs.

I have met many wonderful people on this very exciting journey and I have realised how powerful the gift of Holistic energy really is and how rewarding life can be as a Holistic Practitioner and tutor.

I have worked within the training industry for a number for years, Training people of all ages and with very different learning needs. I’m a great believer that training should be fun and informative.

I now run a successful and well respected Complementary Health Practice and treatment centre in Brighton called Brighton Holistics. It is a wonderful peaceful venue and the classroom/treatment room has stunning panoramic views over the Sussex Downs, with the coastline as a backdrop. This is a great place to learn new therapies or to have a relaxing treatment such Reiki, Hopi, Seated Chair Massage, Indian Head Massage, Traditional Thai Foot Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage or Swedish massage.

My Business

I currently have a business listed within Holistic Local. To find out more about my business, click here to view the listing.

More About Me

Location: Brighton, East Sussex, England

Occupation: Holistic Practitoner and Tutor

My Philosophy On Life: Make the most of every day! treat people how YOU would like to be treated back, and respect each other for the person they are inside...

Books I Love: The Secret

Places I Love: Shirley Hights Antiga, and My Treatment Room, Brighton Beach, the South Downs

Quotes I Love: Walk tall, walk well, walk safe, walk free
And may harm never come to thee.

Walk wise, walk good, walk proud, walk true
And may the sun always smile on you.

Walk prayer, walk hope, walk faith, walk light
And may peace always guide you right.

Walk joy, walk brave, walk love, walk strong
And may life always give you song.
(South African Blessing)
to the heart."



Sunday, March 30th, 2008 11:22 PM

Hi Jon, saw that you were online and thought I'd say hello. What an interesting profile. Your Treatments on the Hill sound magical. Gosh I'd love some of those relaxing treatments.


Saturday, March 15th, 2008 1:44 PM

Hi Jon, I absolutely agree, treat as you would like to be treated! Cheers, Roberta.

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