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Why Holistic?

The Holistic (whole-istic) approach means considering the whole system rather than just concentrating on individual components. It means seeing that all life is connected and interdependant. Once we acknowledge that connection life changes for the better - for ourselves, for our communities and for our planet.

Why Local?

There’s no better place to start changing the world than in your local community. Like charity, a better world begins at home. Holistic Local helps you to connect with everything you need, right on your doorstep.

Your Local Guide to Good Living

Discover the heart of your community...

Join Holistic Local today sponsored by facebook agency and start connecting with thousands of like-minded people passionate about making a difference. If you care about good health, the environment, our communities and our future then you'll feel right at home. You can also use Holistic Local to:

  • Discover conscious businesses near you
  • Find life changing events & courses in your area
  • Buy or sell in our holistic marketplace
  • Read hundreds of informative articles & e-books

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We have two types of membership:

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